DFI Organics originates in Europe where its sister company Doens Food Ingredients (DFI) is based. DFI is a family-owned company and is one of Europe’s leading importers and exporters of organic food and feed ingredients, serving the wholesale industry.

From the headquarters in IJzendijke (The Netherlands), strategically located in between the European Main Ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, DFI imports the most exotic food ingredients from all over the world. As a matter of fact DFI seems to bring the VOC era back to life. The trading company is aiming more and more at oriental, outlandish products and trades in a way that The Netherlands knew in the 17th century. The sailing boats in the meantime have been replaced by container ships, but the resemblance with the advanced business spirit of our pioneering ancestors is obvious.

DFI Organics aims to fulfill the same role in the USA and operates from its office in Webster, Texas. We have warehouse and dispatch facilities at various locations across the United States.

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